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Faye Green wins the Dazed/Converse Emerging Artist Award

The young Newcastle University graduate won the prize at the private view on Friday

In a private view and prizegiving on Friday in Shoreditch, young Newcastle University graduate Faye Green performed her associative performance score and went on to win the Dazed/Converse Emerging Artist Award and £5000. Influenced by Charcot’s synoptic tables of the stages of hysterical attack, her combination of voice and dance sees words find form through psychically charged performance. The carefully choreographed piece investigates interplay between discourses through embodied research into the performative operation of text. 

The 2013 esteemed judges who selected Faye as the winner include Turner Prize-nominated artist Paul Noble, Observer features writer and culture guru Miranda Sawyer, Whitechapel Gallery curator Kirsty Ogg, Dazed visual arts editor Francesca Gavin, firstsite curator Michelle Cotton, gallerist Sadie Coles and ICA curator Matt Williams.

Now in its fourth year, the prize is open to unrepresented artists of all disciplines under 35 and not in education.  The five artists showing were commissioned to make new work with a £1000 budget. 

In the first room of the large gallery Adham Faramawy’s sculptural works in the first room combine software-generated images, performance, sound and painting. Textured pixel-reminiscent wall-works rub up alongside smooth liquid gloss animated imagery. Everyday consumer TVs are propped up for the display of saturated surfaces that lilt seductively through influences from the Internet to the mediated body. 

In the central gallery Faye Green's performance residue of a taped out square, table and chair occupies the floor next to Christian Newby's hand-tufted rug and hanging wall works. Christian Newby draws on personal experience and close-to-home domestic nuance to create objects, prints and interrelated imagery that blend in time-tinged nostalgia.; a clock face laid over books sent from his brother on hand dyed fabric.

Next up, Ben Washington's virtual environments sprawl out into white-walled “reality”, creating a feedback loop of mutually informing interiors influenced by first-person computer games.  Specially rendered and wholly site specific, worlds collide as the “player” disappears through portals and sees things from a new angle.

In the final room, Joey Holder's constellatory consciousness is embedded in a UV grotto that frames her installation The Cold Blooded Alternative. Snakeskin, projection beam, nudibranch and polyurethane come together to form a living sculpture and frame her ostentatious piece of furniture inspired by the 1960s design group Archizoom.

The exhibition runs until November 5th. Check it.


Oct 26: 3pm
Oct 27: 3pm
Oct 28: 5pm
Oct 29: 5pm
Nov 1: 7pm 
Nov 2: 3pm

Londonewcastle Gallery, 28 Redchurch Street Shoreditch London E2 7DP