Faye Green

Mashing up words, voice and dance, the young BA graduate investigates the body in the text

Dazed Digital: What is your work about and what makes it different?

Faye Green: I am endlessly fascinated by mimicry, the body, and the performative operation of text. My work explores the kinds of knowledge that can be held in the body, and how these can be spoken about. I am interested in the interplay between discourses...my performance work moves towards an enactment of these dialogues, a making-visible of these processes of pursuit, towards an embodied practice of research.

Dazed Digital: What were your last pieces?

Faye Green: The last work I showed was a sleeplessness is occurring, a collaborative piece made with Beth Ramsay. The piece takes a series of actions and disperses them, separating cause from effect, call from response. The energy of the piece remains in flux, as the two performers move in and out of synchronicity with one another.

Dazed Digital: What will you make for the exhibition in October?

Faye Green: For the exhibition in October, I will be working on a piece called NOT TO DISCOU[RAGE] YOU.  The work exists as a solo performance and as a written ‘Score’, which acts as both a remnant of the live work and an incitement for its possible re-enactments. NOT TO DISCOU[RAGE] YOU surrounds the illicit learning of a forbidden dance.  

Dazed Digital: What would you do with the prize money?

Faye Green: As I graduated very recently, my priority is to sustain momentum within my practice, and challenge myself and my work as much as possible. The experience of being part of the Converse/Dazed group show could potentially have a huge impact on the possibilities open to me as an emerging artist. So, although I could say what I would do with the prize money right now – funding projects or residencies, buying a video camera(!) – winning the title would hold so many unknown and exciting prospects that I feel like it’s almost impossible to know!