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Magda Wosinska: the coolest kids in Europe

Polish-born photographer Magda Wosinska #trips with local kids in Portugal and her homeland

All this month, we're tripping out with daily adventure stories. Iconic journeys, recent travels, sideways looks at out-there places and the sharpest of shots of the world’s underreported zones. Everest to Ibiza. Sahara to Big Sur. Under the sea to higher than God. Check back daily on article, taken from the October issue of Dazed & Confused,is about LA photographer Magda Wosinska's travels around Europe: 

“I’ve never lived in Warsaw, as I moved to the States from Poland in 1991. The day this photo was taken, I was looking for kids hanging in a courtyard and a photographer friend of mine took me to the rougher part of town. I don’t usually get frightened in places like Poland – there are much scarier places in the world than Warsaw.

I saw these kids in their building’s courtyard. They were just hanging out being kids, telling jokes, pulling pranks, teasing the younger ones in the group – just a bunch of little punks. It was a rough area but they were having fun and had each other’s backs – that’s what’s important. I didn’t speak to them much, apart from to ask to take their photo and ask for their addresses – I sent them prints of the pictures afterwards. In the states, you ask someone if you cantake their picture and people instantly ask you which blog it's for. In Poland, kids are just so intrigued. The more hooligan-y ones are scared that you're going to show their parents – or they ask for money. 

I love shooting the kids because of their style and their attittude. I mean, kids are just so cool! I find youth inspiring because it was my own youth that made me who I am. There are regional differences: in Poland, for everyone everywhere, even the kids, the Second World War is this insanely present thing: in a very real sense, there wasn't peace here till the early nineties. In Portugal, where I went after, there just isn't that legacy as strongly."