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Game of Life

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Hacked & Burned this week: From GIF hell to a DNA gun

GIF of the Week: Game of Life

There is an interesting poetry to landmark computer science simulations (Conway's seminal artificial life series entitled 'The Game of Life') finding their way onto a single serving GIF tumblr.

Should you wish to watch all the Twitter trending gifs in one spot (warning NSFW content may surface occasionally) then the aptly named “gif hell” is your port of call!

Website of the Week: Sounds of the Internet

Sound of the Internet makes an ear bleedingly awful live stream of all the websites out there that auto play music. Definitely one for the masochists among us, and reminds me of Bernhard Garnicnig's Soundwwwalks.

Cybercrime of the Week: Syrian Electronic Army

Did anyone really think the Syrian Electronic Army wouldn't engage in some cyber saber-rattling after the bellicose invective unleashed by John Kerry last week? TNW has the skinny on what their DNS hacks on Twitter and the New York Times means. 

Tumblr of the Week: Patent Able

The slow but steady output of the Patent-able Tumblr is interesting for lots of reasons. Firstly, who doesn't love a good context-abstracted patent illustration, never mind seeing expired patent drawings translated in 'physible' 3D models. Secondly, given that we're long past peak patent (the things are algorithmically generated these days) it's about time somewhat tapped that vein for aesthetic potential. 

Science of the Week: BRAINS BRAINS BRAINS

A bumper week for the grey matter between your ears.

Brain Computer Interfaces have already had a cracking year, with man moving a rodents tail. This past week the same feat was accomplished with two human nervous systems melded by technology:  Rajesh Rao sent a brain signal to Andrea Stocco on the other side of the University of Washinton campus, compelling Stocco’s finger to move on a keyboard.

Elsewhere mind reading technology moved on by leaps & bounds (and suggested a novel type face format at the same time). The Dutch Donders Institute devised an algorithm that accurately decodes the neural encoding of visual stimuli.

And for good measure Scientists at the Institute of Molecular Biotechnology of the Austrian Academy of Science pissed all over the $250000 petri-dish burgers parade by growing miniature brains (AKA cerebral organoids) in a test tube.

(It's worth stressing that all of this has happened before the USA and Europe throw buckets of money at their various brain initiatives. We live in exciting times!)

Technomony of the Week: Drones Drones Drones

This week drones take a break from their usual 'death from above' schtick and advertise their suitability for the survivalists of the world

Burning Man took the time to list a best policy for Drones/UAVs at the favourite revelry zone for West Coast venture captialists. 

In an effort to firefight the inferno raging through Yosemite Park fire commanders have enlisted the aid of a Predator Drone.

And in a well intentioned, if flawed, effort German company Height Tech tables the idea of defibrilator weiding drones as a rapid response medical solution. 

Wetware of the Week: Memetic DNA Gun 

Artist Matthew Gardiner has permitted the virality of the rick-roll to enter a whole new substrate – encoding the title of Rick Astley's inescapable hit into a DNA gun which is an exact mimic of a genuinely bizarre British surveillance weapon. 

Media Art of the Week: William Gowlands Here Be Dragons

A fantastic video art work that unveils the (artistic) malleability of the electronic infrastructure we're dependant upon:

“The landscape can therefore be controlled by a device such as a GPS jammer. Allowing individuals to control this landscape at their leisure. Will, in our Department of Landscape Glitches has jammed the GPS networks and revealed an alternative virtual topography, a territorial architecture of spoofed cartography”

Geek(s) of the Week: Athens Wireless Metropolitan Network

We're always pleased to hear of another successful mesh-network (to know more check out this inspirational chat we had with Isaac Wilder) going live so hats off to these Greek post-web punks!

Hardware of the Week: Biomimicry Camera

Swiss camera engineers iniLabs are determined to build a better camera by taking cues from how our eyes register vision. The concept is an interesting implementation of biomimicry

Internet Explorer of the Week: Anthony Antonellis Cyborg NFC Infection

Not content with having the first GIF in space Anthony Antonellis has taken cues from Professor Kevin Warwick and the grinding community to create a cyborg transmission method for his GIF artworks. Animal New York documents the artists move to embed a NFC (the same tech behind your oyster card which is steadily rolling out to smartphones) chip beneath his skin