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Yola Fatoush's Peckhamisms

South-of-the-river electronic duo Ruth Edwards and Kit Mason take the Peckham pop quiz

All this week, we'll be running articles about and around Peckham, the area of south London having such a moment right now. Expect articles on King Krule, digital art, gangland, the pre and post-clampdown squatting scene, all-night dancing, self-publishing and fashion chicken shops. On top of the bigger features, we'll be riunning a portfolio of the people that make this place so fun. Click here for more 

Named after a character from an Australian TV teen-drama, Yola Fatoush are masters of genre-blending, drawing influence from pop, electro, R&B, juke, soul and trance. Their EP "Yola Fatoush" was released last year on Parlour to simply radiant reviews – you can listen to it below – and their excellent, diverse album Up Out Of It followed on Time No Place this year. We met them in South London for their thoughts on Peckham.

Dazed Digital: How long have you lived in Peckham?

Yola Fatoush: I actually live in a big house in Camberwell at the moment (up the road).

DD: Recommend a band / writer / artist 

Yola Fatoush: Liam Wright Higgins (artist). He did a really good collaborative performance with Joey Lewis at Gasworks recently (which was kind of Peckham related!)

DD: What's your favourite thing about the area?

Yola Fatoush: The house I share with my friends. All the planes. 

DD: Who's your favourite resident? 

Yola Fatoush: My six housemates!

DD: Where should people check out? 

Yola Fatoush: Falafel is a good Lebanese place. Really delicious and also super cheap (you can get soup for £1!). Khans Bargains is pretty great. It sells everything, including some weird old stuff you imagine they've forgotten they even have. At the bottom of one of their shelves I once found a massive pile of laminated posters of Britpop bands and 'arty' photos of muscly men. Also Sports Direct + the pound shops get visited quite a lot. 

DD: What does the future hold for the part of town?

Yola Fatoush: Without sounding like too much of a downer it's most likely to be more wine bars, less places like Falafel and Khans and escalating rental prices which will force out all of the artists and musicians. I guess we'll have to wait and see though…

DD: Where's the best view?

Yola Fatoush: Nunhead Cemetery,The William Booth College building (next to Denmark Hill Station) with it's giant illuminated crucifix,St Giles Church at the end of my street is a beautiful big church that you can see for miles around (when I'm lost on my bike I use it to guide me home)Hmm these are all a bit architectural! There are a lot of good views in South East London i think because it's less built up than the East or the North. It feels like you can see more of the sky! Compared to some other areas of London it feels really light and expansive and open, which is part of what makes it a nice environment to live in.