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Berlin art label – Juliette Bonneviot

Inspired by Beck's, we launch a profile series of the best new artists calling the German capital home

Artist Juliette Bonneviot has had a busy year.  Born in France and relocated to Berlin several years ago quickly becoming integrated into the young music and art community she DJs, paints and generally owns it from her Neukolln abode.  In 2012 she's had a solo show at London's Wilkinson gallery, had work included in Frieze and collaborated with fellow French/Berlin ex-pat Aude Pariset. Bonneviot's work is heavily informed by her journeying through sources online, picking and choosing as she goes making associative and intuitive decisions.  From using the Rush Hour movies as a jump off point to examine translations, misappropriations and the position of young asian artists in the art world to assembling influences including French colonial history and Russian sportswear fanatics, her research-led practice has the Berlin stamp of being fluid, hybrid and not in the least bit stuffy.  She reflects on how the city has changed her (he)art and life... 

Why did you choose to be an artist in Berlin?
Juliette Bonneviot: It happened by itself.  I moved for 2 months in the summer and everything was so easy...finding a studio and meeting interesting artists.  I just never went back to Paris.

What's good about working as an artist in the city?
Juliette Bonneviot: The cheap lifestyle and rent. In my experience, it's the fact that you can make Berlin whatever you want. People say that in Berlin it's only about partying but I actually spend long time periods just working and walking in my neighbourhood. In some other periods - after a show for instance - I live more the cliché Berlin life for a bit and party, to relax!

Where's the best place to eat / drink / party / see a show?
Juliette Bonneviot: Those places are constantly and quickly evolving. In the last year, Times bar run by artists Max Pitegoff, Lindsay Lawson and Calla Henkel in Neukolln was the most interesting place in my opinion, hands down. Nowadays I'm into the Janus parties initiated by Dan DeNorch. He makes an amazing selection of DJs, connecting the American and European scenes. Lots of those DJs have been following and influencing each other for years on the internet but almost never get booked by promoters together. Many artists have been following them as well. On a social level those events go beyond the limit of their musical aspect. It's really important what he does.  

How has the city inspired and changed your work?
Juliette Bonneviot: By allowing me to meet very interesting people and artists. Not only the ones living here but also the constant flow of interesting visitors the city attracts. 

How do you fill your time? 
Juliette Bonneviot: In this period it's the tough Berlin winter so I spend a lot of time researching, working, cooking, watching documentaries and movies, I also go to openings and potluck dinners [a Berlin winter leisure staple] at my friends. I alternate this quiet life with traveling for shows.

Why stay?
Juliette Bonneviot: I can't see myself living anywhere else.  My Berlin life adapts with me.

This is a series of pieces inspired by Beck's Art Label and their recent activities in Berlin