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Pinar & Viola x Frieze: eGallery Crops

The stars of Dazed’s November art issue turn their attention to the laptops and iPads of art dealers at Frieze

Behind the mesmerising excess of radical graphic design duo Pinar & Viola’s embellished artwork lies a keen interest in popular culture and what they call “contemporary digital folk art”. Here, Pinar Demirdag and Viola Renate have turned their technique of “scanning contemporary culture” to the mobile offices of Frieze art dealers for a series of “eGallery Crops”. On Wednesday the pair arrived in London from Amsterdam and dropped by the Dazed HQ, where they sourced inspiration from the office’s random assortment of stuffed animals and dead plants.

In Dazed’s upcoming November art issue, the artists introduce their third annual Ecstatic Surface Design Collection, a series of five beach towels which take an irreverent look at political sex scandals depicted through an explosion of Blingees, browser icons and kittens that surround a slickly handsome middle-aged politician. "It was quite striking to us to see the level of iConnectivity in each gallery module. We could feel the the reassuring pleasant feeling of being part of the VIP technologic community. From French Oceanic Art dealers in Frieze Masters to cutting-edge contemporary talent hunters from NY, all tables were ornate with the technologic wonder children of this century. It seems that the Mac slick look helps them to deepen the mystery, while making an allegorical reference to it's context, Art," says Demirdag and Renate.