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Gavin Turk: Found Art

The fourth entry of Gavin Turk's takeover this week is his collection of found art from a snail skull to a bottle top compass

A gallery of found art is the subject of Gavin Turk’s fourth instalment for his week-long Dazed Digital takeover. It’s a test of your inner-child, of your ability to forget the indiscriminate, visual binge we’ve been on for the past however long and to consider the infinite possibilities in some of the more over-looked objects that surround us. Remember when a crack in the pavement served as a portal into an alternative reality? When an empty Monster Much packet was a palace for all your little ant friends? Well it’s a bit like that, you see.

With its roots in early twentieth century Surrealism, the tradition of found art has found its way into almost every notable art movement since, coming to the fore again with the emergence of the YBAs. Turk has always explored our relationship to the objects that make up our daily lives, with some of his most famous works taking the form of eggs, bin bags, bricks and Rich Tea biscuits.

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