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by Cathy Lomax

Jasper Joffe's Free Art Fair

With Gavin Turk, James Jessop and Stella Vine alongside emerging talents.

For aspiring collectors of objects d'art who find that money is no longer no object, London's premier puckish artist/ curator Jasper Joffe offers a balm to cravings enflamed at this year's Frieze Art Fair. Billed as "The art fair for the credit crunch," Joffe's Free Art Fair in New Quebec St and Seymour Place near Marble Arch presents works by fifty artists. "Contrasting with the recent Damien Hirst auction and the millions of pounds of sales of the Frieze Art Fair," Joffe declares, "the Free Art Fair is about valuing art for art's sake not just its price." Priceless works on offer for not even a pittance will include prime pieces by emerging talents alongside million-dollar names such as Gavin Turk, James Jessop and Stella Vine. Art lovers take note: the best things in life are once again free - yes, free.