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Jenny Holzer, contribution to M.M.S.#1
Jenny Holzer, contribution to M.M.S.#1Image courtesy the artist & Creator Projects.

Jenny Holzer designed these condoms and they’re available to buy

The M.M.S. Art Box contains original editions by twelve renowned artists

Creator Projects have launched a new yearly series of affordable, curated art boxes featuring new edition artworks. The inaugural box of M.M.S. (Much.More.Shit) costs €200 (£173) and will include 12 works by international artists in a limited run of 1,000. Following a successful pre-sale of the first 800 boxes in February 2021, the final 200 will go on sale on May 12 via Creator Projects website and will be available for shipping from mid-June. 

Jenny Holzer, known for her installations displaying provocative phrases in highly visible public places, on this occasion, places her text somewhere more intimate and private. Each art box will contain ten custom condoms designed by the artist and emblazoned with a fragment of poetry by Walt Whitman, “TENDERLY I WILL USE YOU” (a phrase which also appeared on the artist’s Aids memorial in New York City).

Alongside a miniature spray-painted sculpture by Katharina Grosse, a face mask designed by Tania Bruguera, and a scratch card by Nico Vascellari, M.M.S.#1 also features a vinyl featuring audio works and a piano score by Martin Creed. The record features two tracks by the Turner Prize-winning artist and composer: “One Minute On A Piano, Work No. 3482” and new work, “Becoming One, Work No. 3483”. 

The art box will also contain a series of ‘alter breads’ by Alexander Tovborg. These wafers, which represent the Holy Communion in Christianity, are produced at Ostificio Domus, a specialist altar bread bakery in southern Italy and they feature Tovborg’s original drawings of the Madonna and child printed onto their surface. The Danish artist has chosen to represent the baby as a girl, creating the possibility of “a new kind of communion, where women are represented as both holy and the givers of new life and beginnings”.

Take a look through the gallery above for a glimpse of the artworks available in M.M.S.#1. 

M.M.S.#1 will go on sale on May 12 via Creator Projects website