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Iggy Pop, Maurizio Cattelan
Iggy Pop speaks about a beloved dog in his contribution to the artist’s new audio series “Bedtime Stories”Image by Maurizio Cattelan, courtesy of the New Museum

Maurizio Cattelan asks Iggy Pop, Jeff Koons, to read weird bedtime stories

The artist most famously known for his Art Basel banana saga recruits some superstar names for his new audio series

Just when you thought we’d seen everything from the art world during quarantine – from iconic artworks being recreated on Animal Crossing to museums competing for the title of creepiest items on Twitter – Maurizio Cattelan, aka the Art Basel banana dude, takes it one step further.

In collaboration with New York’s New Museum, Cattelan has asked some of the world’s biggest artists to contribute a selection of recorded bedtime stories. Aptly titled “Bedtime Stories”, the series kicks off with Iggy Pop, with a new bedtime story released every day until the end of June.

In his bedtime story, Pop (who famously sung “I Wanna Be Your Dog”) speaks about a beloved stray dog from Mexico which was the ‘best part of his life’ but is ultimately run over by a car while eating some trash.

From Takashi Murakami to Marilyn Minter, Jeff Koons, and Rashid Johnson, anyone tuning in for some nighttime relief can expect to find artists reading a sentence, a passage, a chapter, or more from their favourite books, own works, writings, or by creating impromptu performances. Just don’t @ us with your weird dreams...

Listen to Iggy Pop’s contribution here