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Creepy museum items
via Twitter (@PenshurstPlace)

Museums across the world compete with their creepiest items on Twitter

Pick your fighter

In news that you never knew you needed, museums across the world have taken to Twitter to showcase the creepiest items in their collections, because we’ve all officially lost it.

It all started when England’s Yorkshire Museum shared a bun of human hair which once crowned the head of a Roman woman (yep), with a call to arms: “Museums assemble! It’s time for #CURATORBATTLE”.

Clearly, the challenge was accepted because soon after, Berlin’s Deutsches Historisches responded with an (on-the-nose) plague mask, while Canada’s PEI Museum led a charge of disturbing AF children’s toys, including a one-eyed “Wheelie”, which they claim moves on its own.

If that’s not enough to make you scratch your eyes out, England’s Norwich Castle shared a tiny pincushion filled with infant heads, which is obviously COMPLETELY FINE and Egham Museum has launched a tirade of cursed dolls, naturally.

Between the fish-tailed monkey ‘mermaids’ and a Midsommar-style snuff box for storing pubic hair, a personal favourite (?) is the York Art Gallery, which has shared a blackened severed leg that’s been fashioned into a makeshift animal avec human teeth. A pretty poor contribution is the Science and Industry museum’s entry, a vintage Panasonic ‘mobile’ phone, which TBH wouldn’t go amiss on the countertop of an east London bar.

Who do you think should win?