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Royksopp Banksy album cover
via Discogs

A Banksy-designed Röyksopp vinyl cover has sold for a record price

No pun intended (honest)

Banksy’s prices only seem to be going in one direction: up. In the last couple of years, the work of the infamous graffiti-turned-blue-chip-artist has broken £1 million at auction multiple times, topping his previous records.

In October 2018 for example, his “Girl With Balloon” went for £1.04 million (and was subsequently half-destroyed by a concealed shredder, which ironically is likely to raise its price even higher). A year later, his painting “Devolved Parliament” smashed estimates, selling for almost £10 million.

The newest record Banksy’s broken, though, is vinyl. More specifically, he’s been instrumental in the highest-priced sale ever seen on Discogs, every music collector’s go-to site.

The record in question is Melody A.M. by the Norwegian electronic duo Röyksopp, and it went for a cool $10,256 (over £8000).

The cover shows the duo’s name in a pretty standard, green, stencilled font. Below it is a green design that looks something like pixellated treetops. Presumably the main draw of the cover, though, is that it’s one of only 100 hand-painted by Banksy himself, back in 2002.

Granted, it might not be as iconic as the stab vest Banksy designed for Stormzy’s Glastonbury performance, but it is probably a bit cheaper.