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Inferno performance
Courtesy of INFERNO

A two-day celebration of queerness, performance, & art is coming to London

Pxssy Palace, Charles Jeffrey, BBZ, and more come together for an informative and all-inclusive programme

While queer nightlife has always been a mainstay of London, lately it feels like there's more attention on its importance than ever. Just last week, Pxssy Palace announced it would be paying for trans people of colour to take taxis home. This was a decision brought about by research undertaken in 2017, which found that one in three LGBTQ+ people of colour has experienced a hate crime in comparison to one in five white LGBTQ+ people.

The latest move for the LGBTQ+ community comes from INFERNO, a collaborative club night which aims to be as informative as it will be entertaining. Next week, the launch of INFERNO presents SUMMIT will kickstart two days of programming that explores the intersection between performance art, nightlife, music, and queerness.

There will be a slate of panel discussions, conversations, screenings, and performances focusing on these themes, as well as a look at ideas of class, culture, and creativity. This will include “Queer Nightlife and Creativity”, “Fatness and Performance”, “How do queer people pitch themselves to straight publications?”, and, “Is queer the new punk?”. All of this will be accompanied by a huge roster of London-based creatives and artists such as designer Charles Jeffrey, Pxssy Palace’s Nadine Artois, Tia Simon-Campbell from BBZ collective, as well as visual artist Prem Sahib, one of the founders of legendary club night Anal House Meltdown.

Lewis G. Burton, INFERNO’s co-founder, emphasised the importance of SUMMIT, explaining, “We, as a community, have a lot to say and we’re not really given a chance to express ourselves vocally. SUMMIT is about creating a space and a platform to do that.”

The two-day seminar event will be held on the 13-14 February at MOTH club, and 50 per cent of all of the proceeds raised will go to Mermaids UK. Tickets are available here