Relive the visual artistry of your nights out

Visual artists Eddie Peake, Prem Sahib and George Henry Longly present ‘Death Drive’: a visual and aural homage to the movement of the dancefloor

In a pulsating new track inspired by the dark dancefloors of legendary club night Anal House Meltdown and beyond, Prem Sahib, George Henry Longly and Eddie Peake present “Death Drive”.

Their first musical track release together harks back to the beginnings of the trio’s club night. “It makes emphatic reference to a performance we did at the very first iteration of the night back in 2011," says artist Peake. “In which a group of men enacted a non-verbal vocal crescendo-ing chant in a pitch black room. We also wanted it to possess something of the spirit of the nightclub at large as a venue for desire.” The video illustrates animalistic, freely sexual body movement within the confines of the club, reverberating to the deep bass.

This month Peake presented his latest project for The Curve at the Barbican, The Forever Loop, which “represents a number of autobiographical narrative threads,” he says. “I’ve tried to make an exhibition with a complex confluence of seemingly contrasting components in a broad variety of media that somehow align in a harmonious and episodic flow, and which ultimately hangs on a looped structure, both in terms of time and its physical elements.” It’s a culmination of his entire past body of work.

Alongside producer and co-writer Tim Goalen, the group recreates a night to remember, featuring a cast of friends. Having found continued success with Anal House Meltdown, Peake is keen to venture further into the music world. “We’d like to make more music, he explains, “and also continue to exist in this slightly blurry place that is a conflation of music, clubbing and our collective artistic oeuvres.”

The debut track with be released by The Vinyl Factory and HYMN on October 16 and officially launched at Anal House Meltdown this Saturday at Corsica Studios, at the end of this year’s Frieze