Things you didn’t know about Daniel Arsham’s latest film

Last week, Arsham premiered a film which opened up more questions than it gave answers to. We crashed his New York studio to decode the deeper references behind it

Last week, artist Daniel Arsham released his second in a series of films and an accompanying shoe, made in collaboration with adidas Originals, titled PRESENT – HOURGLASS.

For those unfamiliar with Arsham’s work, entering into his world is like opening up a wormhole. Time, space and architecture become disjointed and it’s difficult to pinpoint where you are and when – all this at Arsham’s absolute pleasure.

The film, PRESENT – HOURGLASS, opens in Miami in the aftermath of a storm, and ends ominously (spoiler alert!) with the words “to be continued…” It’s classic Arsham – his work constantly reveals new questions and leads to very few answers, if any at all.

In order to gain a more thorough understanding, Dazed visited Arsham at his New York studio, camera and a go-pro in hand, and dug deeper into the references behind the enigmatic artist. A few things we found; the score was inspired by old Italian horror films, such as those by Dario Argento, and that “Find Japan” has a lot more meaning to it than we initially imagined. To find out more, watch the video above as Arsham unpacks some of the lesser-known references from his latest film.

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