Daniel Arsham sends a warning to his future self in new film

We premiere the artist’s latest time-bending film from a series he’s creating in collaboration with adidas Originals

For the past few weeks, artist Daniel Arsham has been releasing what appeared to be a series of messages and shots of a script via his Instagram. We previously covered the clues which were the first hint of the instalment of the ongoing collaboration between Arsham and adidas Originals – for which he first released a shoe and a film this past summer.

The film, titled PRESENT – HOURGLASS and co-directed by Ben Nicholas, picks up where Arsham left us, in the aftermath of a storm in 1992. Taking refuge in a Miami motel with his parents, a young Arsham senses someone is watching him – a figure he refers to as the “Bulging Man”. 

Once again – although taking on a much more sinister tone than the previous film – Arsham remoulds time, crossing over between his young self, present self, and his future self. “There is so much I want to tell you”, reads a note sent to the present day Arsham from his future self. Typically, the film leaves many things unanswered, a signature of the artist’s work. Arsham recently told Dazed, “(It’s) never about something specific, it's always an invitation to think about things. The messages hint at something larger and there are ways that people can interpret it into a larger story.”

The film also unveils the latest adidas Originals by Daniel Arsham shoe – watch the film above to see it in action before it’s released December 9.