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Uri Geller
Photography Tom Kneller

Spoon-bending mystic Uri Geller talks Juuling & Brexit with Harrie Bradshaw

The iconic psychic shares his secrets on using magic and the law of attraction in your own beauty routine

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As the saying goes darlings, when Dazed calls, you answer. 

This, however, was not your usual work call, but rather, the faint sound of bent spoons chiming in the distance, calling me by my name. “We’ve got Uri Geller on the line, Miss Bradshaw, do you want to stop scrolling for five minutes and do some work?” 

When asked to interview Uri, I agreed with a selfish but simple agenda. Bored of listening to the likes of NikkieTutorials and Jeffree Star for beauty tips, I saw this an opportunity to mine the world’s leading psychic for advice on the visage and beyond, from Theresa May to TRESemmé. 

At 72 years old, he still looks like 40. Is he brewing a youth elixir at his museum in Old Jaffa or is his secret to snatched skin his vegan diet and not sucking on a Juul 24/7 (more on that later)? My suspicions tell me it’s the latter, with a healthy dose of Hermès aftershave. 

Uri has enjoyed a career spanning four decades as a premier psychic, mystic mentalist magical man – just don’t call him an illusionist. He’s the one who put spoon-bending on the map, so you can thank him for embedding spoons in the lexicon of mystic symbolism, the world’s best flatware PR, and without him, the spoon-wielding Pokémon Kadabra wouldn’t be depicted holding his accessory. No one wants to live in that world.

As of late, a politically motivated Uri has focussed his energy towards manipulating the irrigation in the houses of Parliament to leak – all in the hope of stopping Brexit. The first time we speak, I was overwhelmed by an international call rather xenophobically cutting out every other minute, leaving me with soundbites of a captivating haiku quality: “My secret is” CUT “Boris is” CUT “Hermes!!” CUT “Fix your teeth!” CUT “What’s Juul?” CUT.

Charming as they may be, I tried again. So continue reading for round two.

Uri, are you superstitious?

Uri Geller: You know what, I am in a way. I would never walk under a ladder and when a black cat crosses the road. I stop and try to deactivate and diminish the effect of the superstition of a black cat walking across the street. I have my little rituals before a show, I walk up and down to inspire myself. So that’s a ritual. Obviously it sounds like a bit of superstition. 

We are in an age where we are being told what to buy based on our star sign, are horoscopes bullshit? 

Uri Geller: I’m a great believer that the universe, stars, moons and the energy of tides can influence you. I’m a Sagittarius and I do believe in horoscopes. I don’t know if you can very clearly and pedantically predict through horoscopes, but no doubt that they have an influence on our lives. 

Is there a way magic can be used in a beauty routine?

Uri Geller: Well, magic is an energy. That’s why when I wake up every morning, I put myself in an attitude of gratitude – that’s magical. I think positive – that’s magic. I believe in myself – that’s magic! I motivate my mind to think about success. All those things that are quite embedded in your consciousness, they are also in your DNA, they are also in your chromosome system. You can actually slow the ageing process down. You can’t stop it, but you can slow it down. 

Can the law of attraction be used to benefit one’s look? If you can think anything into existence, can we think ourselves beautiful? Can we think ourselves thin? 

Uri Geller: Absolutely! The law of attraction is a channel, almost an invisible thread that is intangible and reaches the universe with your thoughts. The universe tends to send back the messages you are asking for, so you can use that absolutely. It helps to live by the phrases:

1: Do it now. 

2: I can and I will. 

3: I know what I want.

4: Look on and hold on. 

5: Think positive, think yes. 

6: Never take no for an answer.

7: Quitters never win. Winners never quit. 

8: Excuses are for losers. 

9: Everything is possible. 

10: Step by step, stay steady on the target.

And spoons? Can we work those in at all?

Uri Geller: Of course, spoons are beautiful art pieces. Every spoon has a gorgeous shape, they’re very sensual, you feed your body with it. You put it in your mouth, and of course spooning! I don’t want to elaborate more on what spooning means... There’s a coffee company that had totally naked models, beautiful women whose intimate parts were covered with big spoons. You can even tap your face with a cold spoon and get the blood circulating in your face so you look more beautiful. 

How important is your image?

Uri Geller: Image today for any performer is important. I always tell people to dress cool, be clean, invest in your body, smile a lot, and if you have bad teeth fix them. Always smell good. I use Hermès. Scent is something that is embedded in your memory, so if you wear a very good aftershave people will remember you. You don’t need to be super handsome to have charisma or to activate your charisma.

You’re known for your jet black hair and steely appearance – do you have any influences in regards to image? 

Uri Geller: I used to want to be Elvis Presley. I wanted to be the John Lennon of the psychic world. I wanted to be David Bowie. All these people had something about them. Whether it was their look, their attire, the way they spoke, the way they acted, the way they handled people. All those successful icons and legends were my aesthetic inspiration. I tried to emulate them. 

I would say that the most amazing person would have to be David Bowie. I lived in Manhattan during the time of Studio 54, so I’ve seen it all. There’s only one thing I didn’t acquire from the likes of Bowie and Lennon, I did not imitate all the drugs. I never did drugs, I’m against drugs. Any drugs. I think anyone who is smoking today, whether it’s pot, hash, or cannabis will screw their minds sooner or later. 

Not even tempted by a Juul?

Uri Geller: No! They are very bad. They are banning them in Israel! I’m totally against anything artificial that you inhale into your lungs. Instead of a Juul, take vitamins and do aerobics to keep your lungs in shape.

Is that your vice? Vitamins, aerobics, and psychic thoughts. One bent spoon a day keeps the doctor away? 

Uri Geller: I do aerobics and run 80km a week and I’ve also been vegan since 1973. I get 300 emails a day from around the world from teenagers asking me how to bend a spoon and I say, ‘Forget that, that’s not important, go vegan.’

Do you have any go-to products that you always use? 

Uri Geller: John Lennon gave me an amazing object that I always carry with me. He claims he got it from extraterrestrials; it’s a freaky story, but I believe him. I always have a Sharpie in my pocket because I’m asked to sign autographs a million times when I’m in the street. I always wear my sunglasses which are custom and I’m never without my exercise stretchers – they are made from rubber and they keep me fit, they’re called rubber bands.

Do you like fame? Are you ever bored of it? 

Uri Geller: No, I’m never bored of fame because I’m a public figure and I want people to come to my museum and to watch my TV documentaries. Being recognised is an asset. I don’t buy into the celebrities that say: ‘Oh, I’m fed up with the journalist photographing me’. Of course, they are not fed up, they need the journalists. They need the media. They need the photos. Why do you think people like Tom Cruise or Madonna fly all over the world to promote the movies? Because they want people to go see their films, buy their CDs, buy their everything. I’ll never be bored of it.

Is it true you knew Salvador Dalí?

Uri Geller: Yes! You know Dalí gave me a special gift that’s now the crown jewel of Cadillac – he gifted me a crystal orb that he proclaimed once belonged to Leonardo da Vinci. Of course, at the time I didn’t believe him, until recently they discovered a new da Vinci painting of a man holding a crystal orb; maybe he was telling the truth after all… 

You know Theresa May too don’t you? 

Uri Geller: Theresa and I lived in the same village, Sonning-on-Thames. She’s been my MP and then she became the Prime Minister which I predicted. I took her to my garage on one of her visits to my home. I grabbed her finger and had her touch a spoon owned by Winston Churchill which is mounted on my spoon-encrusted Cadillac. I made the prediction, three years later she would become the Prime Minister. I think she’s a great lady, she’s elegant, she’s highly intellectual. She’s a class act. She’s very cool and I really love her. 

Any thoughts on Boris Johnson? 

Uri Geller: Well, my thoughts on Boris is that I want him to do a second referendum. I meditate and send my energy into his mind, I hope he receives them. 

When Boris Johnson’s people were in Israel not long ago, I took them to see my giant spoon – which just got the Guinness World Record for the largest bent spoon in the world by the way – and I brought one of his parliamentarians a spoon that belonged to Goldie Meir, Prime Minister of Israel.

That spoon belonged to her and they gave that spoon to Boris Johnson, so that’s filled with my energy and I hope he has it on his table. Of course, I also burst the pipes in the houses of Parliament with my mind – next time it’s going to be a sewage pipe, so I’m warning him now to bring an umbrella!

Is there anything the public can do to stop Brexit, in a psychic way?

Uri Geller: Sure there is! Twice a day I unleash my powers at 11:11 am and 11:11 pm. Anyone can do it, I’ve written about it dozens of times and have a clear guide on my website. I urge everyone to do it with me.