Monique Todd

Monique Todd is a London-based writer

The sex ed we wish we had
Life & CultureThese platforms are giving us the sex ed we should have had
Deviant Desires: A Tour of the Erotic Edge
Art & PhotographyA comprehensive guide to alt sex fetishes is here
Sex Tech Hackathon
Science & TechWhat does the future of sex tech look like?
Sophia Brown — spring/summer 2017
Arts+CultureThe new breed of British actors taking on Hollywood
tap and touch cinema 1968
Arts+CultureHow genital stroking became an act of feminist rebellion
Lara Rix Martin
MusicMeet the record label giving unheard voices a place to shout
Artwork Lani (@Lani.p), from Art Hoe Collective
Arts+CultureWill the art world ever be all-inclusive?
Lauren Auder
MusicLauren Auder’s new song explores symbiosis and living as one
FashionWhy did Yeezy Season 3 reference the Rwandan genocide?
Erykah Badu for Givenchy SS14
FashionErykah Badu on art, activism and her NYFW debut
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