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beauty blood test
Beauty FeatureBeauty is bloodwork: the medicalisation of skincare
Euphoria jules phone
Beauty FeatureThe contagiousness of insecurities: is sharing online actually caring?
crying makeup sad girl
Beauty FeatureCrying make-up and the rise of sad girl beauty
Lost in translation
Beauty FeatureWhen did isolating ourselves become the height of wellness culture?
To the bone
Beauty FeatureDo anti-acne diets work or cause eating disorders?
COVID wellness retreats
Beauty FeaturePost-COVID wellness retreats: disaster capitalism or a helpful resource?
Akua, Porsche Little
Beauty FeatureHas the pandemic sparked a spiritual awakening?
Bloating before after Instagram TikTok
Beauty FeatureHas the body positivity movement been co-opted by bloating videos?
Chlorophyl Water
Beauty FeatureInvestigating the rise of chlorophyll water as the latest wellness drink
skin skincare skinimalism trend regime
Beauty FeatureWhy skinimalism, skincare’s fave new trend, is anti-capitalism repackaged
espressoh makeup universal shade glassy blush
Beauty FeatureAre universal make-up shades the future of inclusivity in beauty?
Screenshot 2020-03-17 at 16.33.12
Beauty FeatureWhat is Havening – the unusual, Justin Bieber-approved anxiety technique
Beauty FeaturePeople are illegally whitening their teeth and most have no idea
Tik Tok
Beauty FeatureMeet the #TikTokDocs giving professional medical advice through trap music
cv dazzle anti facial recognition beauty make up
Beauty FeatureHow beauty is being used to fight back against facial recognition and CCTV
breast reduction pills
Beauty FeatureAre breast reduction pills, the alleged quick-fix, actually safe?
worry stones crystals anxiety
Beauty FeatureRub away anxiety with a ‘worry stone’ – the newest crystal wellness trend
decontaminate beauty products toxic netflix documentary
Beauty FeatureHow to decontaminate your beauty products
Rhinoplasty effect filter
Beauty FeatureIs there a black market for plastic surgery filters emerging?
yungbabytate instagram tiktok viral star rainbow hair
Beauty FeatureViral TikTok star and singer Yung Baby Tate on her camp beauty aesthetic
instagram plastic surgery dolls cosmetic procedures
Beauty FeatureInside the secret world of Instagram’s ‘dolls’
amber luke grace neutral extreme body modifications
Think pieceSplit tongues & nipple removal: the grey area of extreme body modifications