Irina Baconsky


Art & PhotographyThe collective turning Ghana’s urban ruins into radical playgrounds
Art & PhotographyHow face filters and augmented reality are making us all cyborgs
Sophia Al-Maria and Victoria Sin: BCE
Art & PhotographyArtists Sophia Al-Maria and Victoria Sin on making art for the apocalypse
Arvida Byström
Art & PhotographyArvida Byström on why she implanted 30 NFC chips under her skin
FashionVirgil Abloh on the power of being creative without limits
Stephanie Kneissl Maximilian Lackner Stop The Algorithm 2017
Art & PhotographyThese two artists are raging against the Instagram algorithm machine
Daniel Arsham, Hourglass
Art & PhotographyDaniel Arsham on the science and technology that inspires his work
Ann Ray’s The Unfinished – Lee McQueen
Art & PhotographyIntimate portraits taken by one of Alexander McQueen’s closest friends
Leelee Kimmel’s Wormhole
Art & PhotographyDrop down a wormhole with a new VR video from Leelee Kimmel
Liv Wynter. Photo Holly Whitaker_1
Art & PhotographyActivist-artist Liv Wynter returns with a radical collaborative performance
Ryan McGinley’s Mirror Mirror
Art & PhotographyRyan McGinley looks to Yoko Ono as inspiration for his latest show
Viviane Sassen’s Hot Mirror
Art & PhotographyViviane Sassen’s latest show is a Surrealist dream
Art & PhotographyDoug Aitken searches for humanity in the digital age
The Realest, issue 1
Art & PhotographyThe mag paying homage to the stories of Northern women
Joseph Rodriguez’s Spanish Harlem
Art & PhotographyVibrant photos tells true stories of life as a Latinx in 80s Harlem
Jordan Baumgarten’s Good Sick
Art & PhotographyPoignant photos of an American town in the throes of an opioid crisis
Fabrice Monteiro, The Prophecy
Art & PhotographyThese incredible photographs are prophecies for our planet
Eric N. Mack’s Misa-Hylton Brim, Simon Lee 2018
Art & PhotographyThe painter paying homage to Missy Elliott and Mary J. Blige’s 90s stylist
Joan Jonas, Six Days, Ten Nights, Tate Modern 2017
Art & PhotographyEnter the surreal world of avant-garde artist and filmmaker Joan Jonas
Sondra Perry – Typhoon Coming On
Art & PhotographyThis immersive installation looks at how technology helps to shape us