Film & TVShia LaBeouf isn’t lonely anymore
Almost famous
Film & TVAn Almost Famous musical is coming to the stage
Jo Clifford in The Gospel According to Jesus Queen of Heaven
Life & CultureThe revolutionary play that casts Jesus as a trans woman
Reza Abdoh
Art & PhotographyWhy queer director Reza Abdoh was American theatre’s greatest punk
Tamir Amar Pettet in And The Rest of Me Floats © H
Life & CultureAn all LGBTQIA+ cast explore their identities in this queer play
Lafayette in True Blood
Life & CultureThe problem of the ‘sassy black gay’ trope in theatre and film
Screen Shot 2018-09-06 at 18.07.49
Film & TVShia LaBeouf is opening a theatre school – and anyone can come
Courtney Act’s Under The Covers
Life & CultureEight plays we wish we’d seen as teenagers
Jet of Blood
Life & CultureThis artist performs with her alleged rapist’s name painted on her body
Joana Nastari in Fuck You Pay Me
Life & CultureThis scintillating play has us worshipping at the Church of Stripper
Theda Hammel
Life & CultureWallace Shawn and Theda Hammel on acting, life, and why bodies are weird
A promotional image for Collective Rage by Jen Silverman
Arts+CultureThe unashamedly queer, feminist, and intersectional play you need to see
kanye the first
Art & PhotographyWhat would happen if Kanye West became a white girl?
Zarina Kodzaeva 1
Arts+CulturePussy Riot’s new project wants you to feel prisoners’ pain
Arts+CultureBreaking down the stereotypes that plague young Roma women
gareth pugh opera antigona costume design video game
FashionSee Gareth Pugh’s futuristic opera costumes
Irvine Welsh
Arts+CultureIrvine Welsh on Chicago’s music scene and his dark pop opera
We Raise Our Hands In The Sanctuary
MusicExploring London’s forgotten black gay clubbing history
Miranda Priestly The Devil Wears Prada Gif everyone wants
FashionElton John is writing a Devil Wears Prada musical
kiki's delivery service
Arts+CultureKiki’s Delivery Service is being adapted for stage
Pussy Riot, Dazed Digital
Arts+CulturePussy Riot are bringing a play to the UK
David Bowie in Kansai Yamamoto
MusicA ballet based on David Bowie’s music is coming
Arts+CultureThe NY performance challenging how we view authority
sex workers opera
Arts+CultureMeeting the makers of the sex work opera