Ester Manas AW22 collection
FashionThe inclusive Belgian fashion label fighting back against ‘curvewashing’
To the bone
Beauty newsDoctors admit BMI is racist and has caused ‘historical harm’
2022 worst discourse
Life & CultureNepo babies and ableist cats: the worst discourse of 2022
Tiktok anti fat shaming trend
Beauty newsThe anti-fat-shaming trend sweeping TikTok
New York City Dyke March
Beauty FeatureThe radical history of the queer fat liberation movement
Fat Zine 3
Beauty FeatureThe Fat Zine explores the darker side of being fat
Roll Flower Tattoos Carrie Metz-Caporusso
Beauty FeatureThese flower tattoos are designed to celebrate body rolls
Fat Zine 2
Beauty FeatureThe Fat Zine shines a light on love and desire for fat people
the fat zine gina tonic body positive
CommunityGina Tonic is the writer and editor empowering a generation of fat babes
lizzo vogue interview body positivity movement
Beauty newsLizzo says ‘commercialised’ body positivity is a ‘lotta white girls’
the fat zine gina tonic Chloe sheppard
Beauty FeatureThe Fat Zine is an ode to the beauty of fat bodies
Erika Lust Heidi switch porn fat plus size
Beauty FeatureHeidi Switch is stripping back fatness stigmas in porn, one film at a time
Annie and friends at the fat babe pool party in Shrill
Beauty FeatureShrill is the first show to accurately portray fat women’s experiences
Talent Group Shot
Beauty FeatureFaces from Part & Parcel’s plus-size agency Talent on being fat & thriving
Shoog McDaniel photography
Beauty FeaturePhotographer Shoog McDaniel celebrates fatness in all its glory
Nike Town women's space plus-size mannequin diversity
FashionPeople hate that Nike’s plus-size mannequin makes fat women feel welcome
Think pieceWhat it's like to feel ugly
Beauty FeatureBeing called fat shouldn’t be any different than calling someone skinny
Jenny Saville
Beauty FeatureFat Girl is the online platform aimed at tackling eating disorders
Screen Shot 2018-11-06 at 14.26.31
Think piecePerformance artist Scottee: we need to quit fat shaming