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Tiktok anti fat shaming trend

The anti-fat-shaming trend sweeping TikTok

Backlash against fat-shaming videos has triggered a new body positive movement on the app

TikTok users have had enough of fatphobia. A new movement on the social platform is rejecting fat-shaming and celebrating all body shapes, after a trend that shamed plus-size people was dubbed “offensive”, “stupid” and “weird”.

It first started when a series of videos became popular where people filmed themselves in baggy t-shirts or oversized hoodies with the caption “I bet she’s fat under those clothes”. Set to the song “Love Me” by Lil Wayne, they would then pull their clothing tight around the waist to “reveal” a slimmer, hourglass figure. 

The trend’s message – that wearing bigger clothing is OK as long as the body underneath is still acceptable by mainstream beauty standards – immediately drew criticism from other users. So they started fighting back, and the audio has now been taken over, flooded by videos that reject the trend and are racking up millions of views.

This new trend begins exactly the same as the original one with the crucial difference that instead of revealing a slimmer body at the end of the video, people refuse to participate and share a message of body positivity, or they pull their clothing tight to reveal their “chubby” or “fat” bodies.  

“I’d rather be fat than body shaming other people to boost your own ego,” user @soulmori writes on her video which has been viewed over one million times, while @spookigio26 wrote: “Why does it matter??? This trend is offensive and disgusting to our beautiful plus sized women” on a video with 3.5 million views. 

“And what about it” said @casischaotic, while @lauri_bnl just wrote “fuck this trend”. Overall, across all the videos the prevailing message is that there is nothing wrong with being fat. “I refuse to let girls think this isn’t a beautiful weight because of this trend,” user @chloecost writes in her video.

This anti-fat shaming trend is just the latest of body positive videos on TikTok which proves that social media can be used for good. In 2020, users celebrate “undesirable” physical features through historical images and works of art, while earlier this year an anti-filter trend rallied against the unrealistic ideals of beauty trends and photo editing. 

Mainstream culture, social media, capitalism and the patriarchy all feed into the idea that our appearance and bodies are the most important things about us; that physical “beauty” should be prioritised above all else. This trend reminds us that this is a lie. As @thesophialiu wrote on her video, “our bodies are the least interesting thing about us.”

Watch some of the best videos below.


this trend is stupid. i love being chubby, it’s cute 🥰

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Been thinking abt this trend

♬ original sound - Bri

reminder: our bodies are the *least* interesting thing about us

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hey I’m all here for body positivity. But let’s not make being fat a bad thing bc its not. Everyone has there on unique body and every single one of them is beautiful. <3

♬ original sound - Bri