Class Ceiling

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Life & CultureIone Gamble and Kieran Yates on the future of activism
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Life & CultureHow to navigate your career as a working-class person
Life & CulturePoor rich kids: the psychological impact of boarding school
Politics80 per cent of journalists now come from higher class backgrounds
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MusicBig Joanie: ‘It’s tougher than ever to be a working-class musician’
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Life & Culture7 ways to be a good rich person
FashionWhat it’s really like to be a working class creative in fashion
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Life & CultureLet’s talk about inter-class relationships
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Life & CultureThe middle-class urge to make yourself the victim
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PoliticsWhat ever happened to the chav? Owen Jones in conversation with Ash Sarkar
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Life & CultureWhat does class in the UK even mean anymore?