Bruce LaBruce

josef Lazo Andreas Schmidl Stockholm swedish fashion
FashionThe design duo bringing sexy, homoerotic looks to Stockholm’s fashion scene
Bruce LaBruce, Tom of Finland
Art & PhotographyCatching up with Bruce LaBruce, the filmmaker who founded queercore
Bruce LaBruce’s photo diary
Art & PhotographyInside Bruce LaBruce’s X-rated photo-diary
Fryd Bliss Resting – summer 2017
Arts+CultureTalking to the stars of Bruce LaBruce’s hellraising new film
No Bra - spring 2017
MusicNo Bra and Bruce LaBruce are pissing on the patriarchy
Arts+CultureThe spring 2017 issue
bomber-history-02 (1)
FashionTracing the MA-1 through fashion and subculture
J D s zine 1
MusicRevisiting the seminal queercore movement
FashionThe purity, perversion and enduring style of ‘Hustler White’
LR Misandrist Bruce La Bruce 2016
Arts+CultureBruce LaBruce on his new lesbian terrorist porno
Bruce LaBruce the Misandrists feminist terrorist film
Arts+CultureBruce LaBruce kidnapped by lesbian feminist terrorist gang
R-Kern LoRes
Arts+CultureRead some exclusive life advice from Richard Kern
harmony korine vs gaspar noe2_2
Arts+CultureWhat happens when two very controversial directors hang out?
Arts+CultureBruce LaBruce’s favourite gay horror films
Screen Shot 2013-10-10 at 14.38.44
Arts+CultureCult Vault #36: Bruce LaBruce on Play It as It Lays
Arts+CultureBruce LaBruce: 'The Advocate For Fagdom'
Screen shot 2013-09-26 at 16.59.29
Arts+CultureCult Vault #6: Bruce LaBruce on The Driver's Seat