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Tinder is introducing a new ‘blind date’ feature

Apparently it’s time for more ‘authentic connections’

Nothing is original anymore. 2020s culture is rehashed 1990s culture. We’re seeing remakes and reboots across music, film, TV, and fashion. And now, Tinder is jumping on the nostalgia bandwagon too.

The dating app has announced that it will soon introduce a ‘blind date feature’, designed to boost its popularity among Gen Z who are yearning for more authentic, organic connections. According to a survey commissioned by Tinder, a fifth of 18-24-year-olds in the UK said they would like to try blind dating as it would allow them to meet people they might otherwise have overlooked.

The feature will shortly be available in the US but will be rolled out globally in the coming weeks. Tinder said: “Inspired by the OG way to meet someone new, usually at the hand of a meddlesome aunt or well-meaning friend, Blind Date gives the daters of today a low-pressure way to put their personality first and find a match they truly vibe with. The experience reflects the modern dating habits of Gen Z, who value authenticity, and also taps into their 90s nostalgia with a callback to dating in a pre-smartphone world.”

The feature works by members answering a few icebreaker questions, before being paired up with another user. Both singletons will then enter a timed chat, where the only information they'll have about one another is their answers to multiple-choice prompts such as “It’s OK to wear a shirt ____ times without washing it” and “I put ketchup on____.” When the timer runs out, the user can decide whether to Like the other's profile, which will be revealed if there is a match.

“We’ve all seen the mix of anticipation and excitement going on a blind date brought some of our favourite movie or TV characters, and we wanted to recreate that experience for today’s generation with the Blind Date feature,” said Kyle Miller, VP of Product Innovation at Tinder. “There's something really special about letting conversation introduce someone’s personality, without the preconceptions that can be made from photos. The new Blind Date experience brings a surprisingly fun, banter-based way to interact and create connections that’s all new to Tinder.”