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This website allows you to track UFO sightings

The records date back to the 1960s

As scientists at Harvard University continue their search for alien life, a new website allows you to track and record UFO sightings across the USA.

UFO Discovery features sightings of unidentified flying objects dating back to the 1960s. With over 70,000 recorded sightings, users can search the site by city, state, shape of ‘aircraft’, year, and duration.

The sightings range from a ‘blue light hovering over the ocean’ to a 1969 report that describes seeing “translucent 12-inch balls of light that are sentient beings”. None of the reports are verified, of course.

Back in June, the Pentagon released its unclassified report on UFO sightings. The report found no evidence of alien technology, and instead simply concluded that the mysterious aerial phenomena are still unexplained.

According to The New York Times, the report states that the majority of the 120 UFO incidents over the past two decades did not originate from American military or advanced US government technology. This determination rules out the possibility that the sightings were of programs that the government meant to keep secret.

But officials told the publication that this is the only conclusive finding from the report, meaning the possibility of alien responsibility for the UFOs can’t be officially debunked.

Take a look on the UFO Discovery website here.