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Def Noodles banned from Twitter

Who is Def Noodles and why has he been banned from Twitter?

Satirical influencer reporter Dennis Feitosa has been permanently suspended by the social media site – though he says he has no idea why

Influencer aficionado Def Noodles has been permanently suspended from Twitter for allegedly violating the platform’s rules.

The news and commentary page run by YouTuber and comedian Dennis Feitosa was banned without warning this week, with the 25-year-old claiming (via his other Twitter account) that “there’s currently no reason for the suspension”.

“So Def Noodles just got suspended,” Feitosa said on Tuesday (July 13). “It’s unclear why I got suspended. I didn’t have any posts removed, no copyright violations, no warnings. I’ve been getting a lot of emails from Twitter tho telling me people have been reporting my account. I’m working on getting it back.”

Addressing the ban in a YouTube video posted yesterday (July 14), Feitosa mocked the suspension, interjecting his own ruminations about the reasons behind it with snippets from Eminem’s “Stan”.

At the time of its ban, the Def Noodles Twitter account had over 158k followers. The Def Noodles Instagram account, which has over 18k followers, remains active. 

The suspension will come as a devastating blow for fans of celeb and influencer drama with a satirical, chaotic twist – Def Noodles’ area of expertise. Speaking to Vulture in March, Feitosa described the news he covers as “the most banal and irrelevant stories that anybody could be talking about”.

“This is all soft journalism,” he continued, “and a lot of the time it’s just presented with such seriousness, and people take it so seriously. I’m making fun of how these non-stories are presented and framed in this way that ends up generating all this outrage. At the end of the day, it’s a commentary on this independent social media sphere that fuels so much of this outrage and backlash.”

Feitosa explained that people often don’t ‘get’ his comedy, and believe that Def Noodles is a genuine commentary on internet drama. “Context gets lost,” he said. “There were people who genuinely thought (comedian Stephen) Colbert was for real. Right now, on the internet, where I’m connecting with people from all over the world, I don’t know how they’re arriving at my content – whether they’re just arriving because they want to hear the latest tea, or because they want to hear about a certain person, or because they love the jokes.”

As reported by Insider, this isn’t the first time Def Noodles’ Twitter account has been suspended. In August last year, Feitosa was locked out of his account for violating unspecified rules – after deleting a video he posted of Charli D’Amelio using a vape, his account was reinstated. Twitter never confirmed that this video was the reason for the temporary suspension.

Watch Def Noodles discuss the latest ban in the video below.