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NASA Mars Mission
Courtesy of NASA

Watch the final moments of NASA’s rover touching down on Mars

The footage shows the Perseverance Rover’s descent onto the red planet in high-speed

NASA has released footage of its Perseverance Rover descending onto Mars’ Jezero Crater.

The footage shows the final moments of descent onto Mars in high-speed and from various angles. There’s a view from the rover looking up, a view from the top of the aeroshell, and a view from the bottom of the rover looking down at the crater.

With audio from NASA’s mission control, the video explains what’s happening at each point of the descent. The last shot is of the “Sky Crane” maneuver where you can see the rover being lowered down onto the surface.

Last week, NASA reported that a giant asteroid might be on course to hit Earth. Thankfully, it’s not as drastic as it sounds, and we spoke to an expert to prove it. Elsewhere, Elon Musk is taking applications for his SpaceX mission to the International Space Station later this year. The only catch is that you’ll be stuck in a confined metal box with an insufferable billionaire for days on end.

Watch the video below.