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teens on TikTok

Teens on TikTok are dressing up as grandmas to buy booze

The hustle is real

Gone are the days of glamming yourself up to go to the corner shop with your sister’s ID with the hopes of scoring a litre bottle of WKD or Smirnoff Ice. The coronavirus pandemic has brought an entirely new wave of underage TikTok teens using creative methods to buy alcohol. In this instance, it involves dressing up as an old person.

According to The New York Post, several TikToks have shown presumably underage teens don on wigs, shawls, and facemasks to appear old enough to buy alcohol. In a now-private video, one user went full-on Golden Girl, complete with knobbly tennis balls on their legs, to go into a California store to buy booze. She said the cashier “was worried she wouldn’t (be) able to carry the (bottles) herself”.

In a video, posted by the user claare__18, a group of girls film themselves dancing and dressing up their friend in a rubber mask, wig, and glasses, before heading to a 7-Eleven. She’s then filmed waddling in proper old-woman get-up with a full bag of booze back to the car.

Another video, which had two million views before it was removed, featured a girl pulling off her disguise made up of costume jewelry, sunglasses, and what appears to be dry shampoo giving the illusion of gray hair.

However, many of the videos have since been made private or taken down. According to TikTok’s community guidelines, content “that offers the purchase, sale, or trade of unlawfully acquired goods” will be removed.

When they’re not dressing up like seniors for a pack of Hard Seltzer, TikTokers are roleplaying as Karens and declaring war on Donald Trump. Ah, to be young.