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This week on Dazed, we present A Future World

A radical imagining of what our planet could be and a look at the state it’s in, featuring teenage activists, the creative community, and politicians

Finally, the climate is at the top of our newsfeeds and on our front pages. It’s taken decades, but powerful human beings are being forced to discuss the future of humanity. Teenagers have walked out of school every week for nearly a year, demanding that politicians listen. Extinction Rebellion shut down London for a week. Jeremy Corbyn has declared a climate emergency.

Working with the international non-profit organisation the European Climate Foundation, this week on Dazed we present A Future World, a radical imagining of what our planet could be and a look at the state it’s in, through the eyes of inspirational teenage activists, film stars, designers, musicians, and climate experts. Each day is split into themes (justice, sex & gender, culture, health, tech, and earth), with the issue of climate change threaded across them.

Our film THIS IS AN EMERGENCY, WE ARE THE RESCUERS sees us visit Stockholm to meet Greta Thunberg and document how she’s inspired a movement that’s spread across the world. Our political editor-at-large GAIKA sits down with Labour leader Jeremy Corbyn to understand his plans for protecting the planet and its people, while we also hear from Maisie Williams, Jayda G, Pamela Anderson, Samuel Ross, Central Saint Martins students, architects of future cities, scientists preserving the world’s DNA from glaciers, eco-porn enthusiasts plus more.

Welcome to A Future World, running May 13-18 on Dazed Digital. Check out everything here.