Instagram is fighting back against fake followers

People are about to be exposed for fake-flexing on the gram

Keep your eyes peeled while browsing the TL this week, because some profiles out there are about to get a big shock to the system.

Instagram is taking public action to prevent the long-time use of fake followers. Inauthentic likes follows, and comments which violate Instagram’s essential policies are about to be removed by the company in a bid to crack-down on people’s efforts to grow their online audience with the help of illegitimate accounts. Those who are found using spam sites or paid apps like Archie and Boostio will soon be receiving a warning urging the account holder to change their password and ditch any underhand tactics used to gain a little extra popularity on the gram.

Talking to TechCrunch, Instagram reps have cautioned those who fail to comply with their new pushback, suggesting that their overall Instagram experience would be “impacted”, which might also entail “limit(ed) access to certain features, for example”.

While it may seem absurd, the use of third-party sites to boost online clout is actually a massive deal, with the New York Times reporting back in January that tonnes of celebrities had also been discovered using the social-media black market, which in turn helps them charge premium rates for branded content.

This also comes at a time when Facebook has begun removing 354 million fake accounts in the past quarter, even naming them as the cause of misinformation campaigns which tried to influence the U.S. elections.

Surely the days when the number of likes your selfie receives is considered a legitimately impressive flex are beyond us? However, if you do still happen to be someone who equates IRL popularity with online numerical value, though, it seems your days are quite literally numbered.