Nigel Matambo

Leeds, United Kingdom
nigel matambo

Tech Innovators

The visionary interdisciplinary designer working at the cutting edge of creative technology.
Nigel Matambo

Hyperfutures brand Sununguro is working at the intersection of technology and culture, on the radical vanguard of creative innovation. Founded by the visionary interdisciplinary designer Nigel Matambo, who was named on this year’s Forbes30 Under 30 list, Sununguro has already collaborated with prodigious names such as Virgil Abloh, Louis Vuitton, Samuel Ross, Meta, Pharrell Williams, Coachella, and Nike.

Matambo’s creative practice is centred around building and orchestrating experiences which explore the liminal, emerging spaces between the physical realm and digital augmentation. Since graduating from the University of Leeds in 2016, the Leeds-based Zimbabwean has focused on “the emergence of the digital-spatial continuum”, applying his unique vision and artistic sensibilities to the world of cutting-edge creative technology. From engineering the debut digital wearables for Louis Vuitton on Instagram, to working on motion design for Nike, Matambo has his sights set resolutely toward the horizon, to the limitless future beyond.

Text Emily Dinsdale