Mica Le John


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"The goal for us is to enable people to be their fullest self."
Mica Le John

Imagine an avatar of you, created in your exact likeness, freely roaming the metaverse. Not just a character made via limited presets on games like The Sims or social networking site IMVU, but an extension of your physical identity, down to skin tone, cheekbone height, birthmark or freckle. Enter Idoru, a free mobile app bringing these very ideas into existence by letting users build an identical avatar of themselves from scratch.

Founded by technologist and writer Mica Le John, and former fashion art director Michael Taylor, Idoru is an endeavour to make Web 3.0 as representative as possible. Speaking to Dazed Beauty, Le John said: “The goal for us is to enable people to be their fullest self. That’s the full stop of what we want to work towards. So everything we build within the product is in service of that.” To ensure absolute inclusivity, Idoru’s founders enlisted the help of edge-styling brand Baby Tress and hair extension company Rebundle, as well as skincare label Topicals, during its development stages. Free from financial or bodily constraints, app users can experiment with any hairstyle of their choosing, or even wear designer clothing from the likes of LA label Phlemuns or South Korean brand Dydoshop.

Idoru is currently in private Beta mode, meaning that access is invite-only before its full rollout next year. The app’s development team are currently building the use of prosthetics into the platform, and working on integrating wheelchairs and walking aids into its features for the future.

Text Morna Fraser