58- Erica Banks
Erica Banks

Erica Banks

Age - 23
Desoto, United States
I would donate the funds to underprivileged schools around the Dallas area
Erica Banks

If you’ve managed to avoid Erica Banks’ TikTok smash “Buss It” then you are probably too old to be reading this. The Dallas rapper dominated the first half of 2021 with her butt-bouncing glow-up anthem that cleverly interpolated Nelly’s “Hot In Herre” and lent itself to a video challenge which, if you need us to explain it, you are - again - ancient.

But Banks is far more than a viral sensation. Her deep and juicy trap beats coupled with powerful flow have caught the attention of her peers as well as fans. She’s in the running for a spot on the XXL Freshman class of 2021, Travis Scott hopped on a “Buss It” remix, while Dreamdoll hit her up for a feature on Banks’ stunning “Toot That”. Her rhymes simmer with filth and fire, rarely letting up. It’s no surprise that she got into poetry in high school; quickly graduating to rap as her wordplay progressed. 

Now that she’s breaking out, Banks is not hanging around: with four mixtapes under her belt from the last two years, she’s working on a new tape coming later this year that will no doubt be full of strippable beats and poisonous rhymes. We can’t wait.

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