Backroad Gee

BackRoad Gee

Age - 25
London, United Kingdom
I’d work with charities around the country to help support single mothers in education, employment and entrepreneurship
BackRoad Gee

It takes some doing to maintain a mysterious existence in the oversharing economy of 2021 but the man known as Backroad Gee has managed it: the London MC’s real name is still unknown. Not that it matters, his music speaks for itself. One of the most exciting voices on the London scene, he pairs an unmatched energy with a singular eye for a killer collab. Straddling everything from UK drill to grime to dance, and even a sprinkling of dubstep beats, his back catalogue is a musical buffet of the most exciting sounds coming out of London.

Born in the east of the city, BRG has lived all over London and this influence, plus his Congolese heritage, runs through all his work. He had a tumultuous childhood and spent some time in prison, but just two years into his music career, he’s turned those years of trauma into bars that examine where he’s come from, and lay the path to where he’s going. It’s paying off: 2020’s “Party Popper”, featuring frequent collaborator Pa Salieu, was inescapable online and the music he’s put out since then has only grown more eclectic and exciting.

Alongside new music, BRG is also working with his label, 23 Formation, to help raise up the wider community. He wants to create new opportunities for single mothers to access education, employment and support to help them on the path to financial independence and security. As the son of a single mother, it hits close to home: as an artist, it allows him to drop the ladder down behind him. 

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