Noah Carlos

Noah Carlos


Noah Carlos Dazed 100
Noah Carlos

The non-binary model walking for Margiela – and repping their Filipino heritage

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LocationLos Angeles, United States

    “I have never really seen anyone like me to look up to in mainstream media,” says model Noah Carlos. Now, signed to IMG and walking for major brands from Maison Margiela and Dries Van Noten to Alexander Wang and Sies Marjan, the 19-year-old is flying the flag themself. “I really want to be an inspiration to not only queer Filipinos, but to anyone I can inspire,” Carlos says.

    Having gained a following since their high school days for their unique personal style and serious thrifting skills, Carlos can serve an #OOTD like few new faces out there. They’re also part of a new generation of models who are active in their desire to represent people who look like them – in an industry that has long perpetuated singular ideas of beauty.

    Though happy to be visible as a non-binary role model, Carlos is also proud to represent their heritage. “I get messages from Filipinos just like me finally being excited to be represented on a grander scale,” they say. “I am proud of being – and I use this term loosely – a ‘major’ Filipino model, or ‘influencer’, inspiring people to live (as) who they truly are.”

    Tom Rasmussen