Love Island non-binary
Film & TVLove Island and the boring, right-wing obsession with LGBTQ inclusion
Marvel Harris, MARVEL (2021)
Art & PhotographyMarvel Harris’s portraits capture the anguish and joy of gender transition
Demi Lovato
MusicDemi Lovato thanked Lizzo for correcting photographer who misgendered them
London’s inaugural Trans Pride 17
PoliticsThe UK government won’t legally recognise non-binary as a gender identity
Demi lovato
MusicDemi Lovato will now go by they/them pronouns
The power, joy, and freedom of dressing a lover
FashionThe people letting their lovers choose what they wear
Trans rights are human rights
PoliticsWhy the government must let trans people self-define their gender
Converse Shapes gender neutral collection
FashionConverse is set to launch an innovative gender-neutral line
Words of the 2010s
Life & CultureEight words that changed the way we see ourselves in the 2010s
BBZ BLK BK Graduate Show. Exhibition View
Art & PhotographyThe BBZ art show looks at what it means to take up space and to survive
Enby, Wild Flower’s non-binary gender free sex toy
Science & TechNon-binary sex toys are here, making pleasure more accessible for everyone
Noah Carlos Dazed 100
Dazed 100Noah Carlos
@transmascstudies Instagram of the Week
Life & CultureThe Instagram shining a light on trans masc history and culture
Transmissions trans-inclusive collective London Fashion Week
FashionThe trans-inclusive collective shaking up fashion – one party at a time
Oslo Grace – spring 2019
FashionOslo Grace on how fashion can treat trans and non-binary models better
Trans LGBTQ visibility in the fashion industry 3
FashionWhy genderless casting is fashion’s next frontier
PoliticsWhy UK law needs to recognise non-binary people
Jamie Windust and Alok Vaid-Menon
FashionAlok Vaid-Menon and Jamie Windust on the politics of fashion
maromas London menswear designer 2019
FashionFive menswear designers that should be on your radar in 2019
Louis C.K. testing material
Film & TVLouis C.K. accused of being ‘basically Donald Trump’ after new show leaked
Statement Festival
MusicSweden’s women-only music festival found guilty of ‘discrimination’
Hirsuit gender neutral non-binary swimsuit swimwear
FashionThis LA-based label creates swimwear for non-binary people
Life & CultureAmerican colleges are opening up ‘clothing closets’ for trans students
art school volume one Pippa brooks
FashionAn ex-Playboy Bunny is the face of Art School’s new collection