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Shon Faye

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Shon Faye Dazed 100
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Dazed’s LGBTQ+ editor-at-large, Shon Faye is a new queer icon and a vital voice for the trans community

LocationBristol, United Kingdom

Shon Faye is really funny. Like, hilarious. She also used to be a lawyer (not very funny) – but the only truly good thing she’s done with that skill set is write a comprehensive legal analysis of Ariel’s contract with Ursula in the Little Mermaid, a breakdown of inconsistencies that went viral.

She’s also Dazed’s LGBTQ+ editor-at-large, she appeared in the UN campaign to end violence against women, and she’s got a must-follow Twitter account that drops ruminations on her own life such as “Wow five years ago I hadn’t even had gay sex now I'm a queer icon” and “Tonight a boy who homophobically bullied me when I was 14 watched an eight-part Instagram story of me applying a deep conditioning hair masque. What a life!!” This acerbic wit translates IRL too, through her budding career as a standup comedian.

In all seriousness though, she’s become a vital voice for the trans community – a smart, witty and essential presence in the face of relentless mainstream media discrimination throughout 2018. Also, did we mention she’s really funny?

Thomas Gorton