Shon Faye

Shon Faye is Dazed’s LGBTQ editor-at-large. She is a writer, presenter and comedian who describes herself as "a modern career transsexual" who mostly writes "for attention".

taylor swift lover
MusicWho is Taylor Swift’s London Boy?
Life & CultureContraPoints is the hilarious YouTuber delivering hardcore politics in drag
Life & CultureThis is a modern, living history of what it means to be queer
Travis Alabanza
Art & PhotographyTravis Alabanza is the unfiltered artist proving theatre isn’t boring
Film & TVA review of Cher, and only Cher, in the new Mamma Mia
Film & TVSex And The City is embarrassing now, but it was everything then
Life & CultureThieves in the night: how men stole my sexuality
Munroe Bergdorf
Life & CultureIn support of Munroe Bergdorf, the model fired by L’Oréal
“The Swimming Club”
Arts+CultureThe transgender swimming club making waves
“The Swimming Club”
Arts+CultureWatch a film about the trans swimming club making waves
Hanne Gaby - spring/summer 2017
FashionHanne Gaby is fighting for the rights of intersex youth
Arts+CultureHow to do Valentine’s Day when you’re single
kylie jenner
Arts+CultureHow to deal with 2017
hari nef
Arts+CultureHari Nef on freedom, the fashion world and your feelings
Screen Shot 2016-09-12 at 11.12.46
Arts+CultureA guide to dating as a trans woman
paris is burning
Arts+CultureLooking at Paris Is Burning 25 years after its release
Arts+CultureTalking TV, trans visibility and sex with Paris Lees
Arts+CultureHow trolling took over the internet
the exorcist
Arts+CultureWhy did Satan start to possess girls on screen in the 70s?
Arts+CultureHow to cope with how relentlessly depressing British news is
RainbowGore Cake by Christian DeFonte
Arts+CultureThe 13-year-old taking Seattle’s drag scene by storm
pulse orlando
Arts+CultureToday is a tragic, sad day for the world’s LGBT community
P.59 ©Zackary Drucker & Rhys Ernst
PhotographyThe photo diary of a trans couple transitioning together
Arts+CultureI’m trans and I want to stop talking about toilets