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Palestinians celebrate ceasefire
via Twitter (@Wirjil)

Palestinians take to the streets to celebrate Israel-Gaza ceasefire

The ceasefire follows 11 days of relentless attacks at the hands of Israel’s occupation, but here’s why you shouldn’t stop protesting

Palestinians have flooded the streets of Gaza in celebration as a ceasefire with Israel came into effect today (May 21).

The ceasefire follows 11 days of violent attacks at the hands of Israel’s occupation in which over 227 Palestinians have been killed, including 64 children.

People came out in cars and on foot as the truce began at 2am local time. They embraced one another and danced for joy in front of bombed-out buildings and along streets covered in wreckage.

People around the world have taken to the streets in protest against Israel’s colonisation of Palestine, calling for freedom for the state. Among those taking part in demonstrations are Bella and Gigi Hadid, who are of Palestinian heritage.

Unlike many celebrities, who have steered clear of taking sides, the sisters have shared information about the plight of those living under occupation. In an attempt to twist the narrative, the Israeli government accused Bella and Gigi of antisemitism – an allegation that was widely mocked by those online.

In a piece for Dazed about the Hadid’s pro-Palestine messaging, journalist Ruqaiya Haris wrote: “The perceived threat of losing mainstream support among young people due to the activism of the Hadid sisters is clear in Israel’s frenzied digital propaganda – and despite billions in foreign aid and widespread political support, public opinion is still dearly important to Israel.”

While the ceasefire seemingly signals a step towards progress, continued global pressure is paramount. The Israeli government has gone back on its word countless times, and it wouldn’t be outside the realms of possibility to see this happen again. Sending aid to Gaza is now more important than ever. So, keep protesting, engage with your local representatives, and save Palestine.

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