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Dean Browning’s Twitter blunder
Via Twitter

A white Republican politician has tweeted: ‘I’m a Black gay guy’

Former Pennsylvania commissioner Dean Browning appears to have a ‘burner’ account, where he poses as a Black, gay, Trump supporter

In today’s episode of Republicans Losing Their Minds, a white politician appears to have accidentally tweeted from his official Twitter account, declaring himself to be “a Black gay guy”.

On Sunday (November 4), former Pennsylvania commissioner Dean Browning tweeted: “What Trump built in four years, Biden will destroy in four months.” After another Twitter user responded and expressed support for Barack Obama, Browning replied: “I’m a Black gay guy and I can personally say that Obama did nothing for me, my life only changed a little bit and it was for the worse. Everything is so much better under Trump though. I feel respected – which I never do when Democrats are involved.”

Although Browning claims he was “quoting a message that I received earlier this week from a follower”, Twitter users have accused the politician of having an online alter ego, where he tweets his support for Trump while posing as a gay Black man. 

Journalist Matt Binder has since exposed Browning’s presumed alt account in a series of tweets. A user called Dan Purdy – who has a bitmoji of ‘himself’ as his profile picture – has frequently replied to Browning’s tweets using suspiciously similar language to that accidentally tweeted by the politician.

Purdy – whose account has now been suspended – joined Twitter last month, and had just 27 followers. His cover image read: ‘Promises Made. Trump 2020. Promises Kept.’ Recent tweets from his account include, “I’m a gay Black guy who doesn’t like the way Black women are treating this country”, and, “My gay Black ass will be the first in line on Tuesday when I RE-ELECT DONALD TRUMP!”

Addressing his blunder, which quickly went viral on Twitter, Browning said he was “sorry if context was not clear”, asserting that he was quoting Purdy because “many people won’t say it vocally, but do in private”.

“Small problem,” contests Binder. “The guy who you’re claiming is not you did vocally talk about being Black, gay, and a Trump supporter publicly multiple times on their Twitter account.”

Purdy later posted a now-deleted video insisting he was a real person, and that Browning’s tweet was a message he’d sent to the politician. “Dean accidentally posted somehow and that’s the end of the story.”

It doesn’t stop there. It’s been alleged that the man in the video is William ‘Byl’ Holte, reportedly the adopted son of singer Patti LaBelle. According to The New York Times, Holte’s social media accounts use the same pictures and avatars as Purdy’s, and a framed piece of art that appears in Purdy’s video also appears in a photograph on Holte’s Facebook page. Holte also has a Medium account where he posts as an anti-feminist ‘critic’. Still following?

Binder suggests that Purdy isn’t even Browning’s first ‘burner’ account. The journalist found another Dan Purdy with the same avatar, but a different username (@soulcookie322). This account was also a Trump supporter, and has also been suspended. According to a Twitter user called @fart (yes, really), before @soulcookie322 was deactivated, it was owned by a white guy named Pat Riarchy and White Goodman.

Browning has since tweeted that he wishes the media “would pay attention to the voter irregularities in the state of Pennsylvania as much as they have this Twitter story”. LOL.