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Election analysts
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US teens are swooning over election analysts in a new TikTok trend

John King and Steve Kornacki are the true winners of the 2020 election TBH

As the US election drags on (and on, and on), and Americans are glued anxiously to their screens, election analysts like CNN’s John King and MSNBC’s Steve Kornacki have become unlikely stars on TikTok.

Since election day on November 3, King and Kornacki (AKA the ‘map guys’) have been helping thousands of viewers make sense of the electoral drama on TVs across the country, with their flawless delivery and unwavering stamina. The pair have been so popular, it seems, that they’ve attracted a legion of teen followers on TikTok, who’ve been showing their appreciation by making fancams of the journalists.

Fancam videos consist of spliced together footage of someone the TikTok community is fawning over. Usually, these feature celebrities (think: Ariana Grande, BTS, and Kristen Stewart), but this week, it’s all about election analysts.

The hashtag #JohnKing currently has 4 million views on TikTok, while #SteveKornacki has 551k views.

In one TikTok, a montage of photos of Kornacki is played to “Be My Baby” by The Ronettes, while another zooms in on a video of King, with the caption: “John King hasn’t sat down since Tuesday… the real hero.”

Three days into the election and the results are yet to be called. At the time of writing, Democratic nominee Joe Biden is leading the race, but with four key states left to declare, it’s all still to play for. Instead of constantly refreshing your news feeds in the futile search for new information, however, here’s some election memes to chill you TF out.

Watch some of our favourites fancams below.


John KING hasn’t sat down since tuesday... the real hero💙 ##fyp ##election ##johnking

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