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US presidential election memes
Via Twitter @MightBeLeslie

The best US election memes to keep you sane while you await the results

Let’s all stop refreshing live news feeds for a sec

You absolutely hate to hear it, but the 2020 US presidential election still isn’t over. Americans headed to the polls on Tuesday (November 3), but it’s three days later and the results are yet to be called. At the time of writing, Democratic nominee Joe Biden is leading the race, but with four key states left to declare, it’s all still to play for.

This year, Americans turned out in record numbers to vote, with many opting to send their ballots via post due to the ongoing coronavirus pandemic. This, coupled with the fact that Donald Trump’s team keeps slowing the process by launching legal challenges against vote-counting centres, has led to a delay in the results being declared. 

Despite what Trump would have you believe, this wait is completely normal.

Since election night, when it became evident that the incumbent president would not win with the landslide he’d hoped for, Trump has been accusing the process of being fraudulent, stirring up angst among his supporters, who appear to blindly believe his conspiracy theories. 

Supporters from both sides have taken to the streets in protest, with Trump followers calling for vote-counting to continue in states where the current president is leading, and for it to end in states where Biden is ahead.

Yesterday (November 5), a number of US TV networks were forced to cut the president off midway through a speech, as he again falsely declared victory, and continued to spread lies about the election. “Here we are again in the unusual position of not only interrupting the president of the United States,” MSNBC reporter Brian Williams said, “but correcting the president of the United States.”

The race is currently on a knife-edge, with Biden leading in Nevada and Arizona – some media outlets have already called the latter state a win for the Democrats – and this morning (November 6) taking a narrow lead in Georgia. Trump is ahead in Pennsylvania and North Carolina, but has a more difficult fight to reach the 270 electoral college votes he needs to win.

Anyway, we’ve all been going a little crazy, haven’t we? Constantly refreshing live news feeds in the futile search for new information. So, instead, here’s some election memes to chill you TF out.