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Mike Pence fly
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A round-up of the buzziest Mike Pence fly memes

The true winner of the vice presidential debate TBH

It all started around an hour into the VP presidential debate between vice president Mike Pence and senator Kamala Harris. In between talks of the economy, climate change, coronavirus, and the Supreme Court, there was one particular moment that really made a buzz last night, thanks to a fly that landed on Pence’s head.

The true winner of the debate, the common house fly sat on the VP’s head for exactly two minutes and three seconds, resting still yet extremely visible against his silver hair. Then social media exploded. Suddenly, the fly went viral, inspiring hundreds of Twitter accounts – including Pence’s Hair Fly, Pence Fly, and Mike Pence Fly – and honorary mentions by the likes of Universal’s Paul Feig, who jokingly(?) offered the six-legged comrade a three-picture deal. Lockdown comedian Jordan Firstman turned the sensation into a POV sketch, while Democratic candidate Joe Biden (and his press team) trolled the opposition by launching a Truth Over Flies fly squatter as official merch (buy it here). There’s even a mash-up of the fly and skateboarding Ocean Spray man.

Enjoy some of the best fly memes below.