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Fleetwood Mac TikTok skateboarder
Via TikTok @mickfleetwood and @420doggface208

TikTok skater from viral Fleetwood Mac video gifted a car by Ocean Spray

He wants his freedom

Sometimes the internet is a cesspit of hell, and sometimes it’s the most wholesome place in the world. By now, you’ve seen the viral video of the guy swigging Ocean Spray out of the bottle while he skateboards to the soundtrack of Fleetwood Mac’s “Dreams”. You’ve probably also seen Mick Fleetwood – the co-founder of the band – recreate the video.

Well, so has Ocean Spray, who loved the original clip so much, it decided to help Nathan Apodaca (AKA @420doggface208) swap his skateboard for bigger wheels by gifting him a car. As reported by the Los Angeles Times, in the viral video, Apodaca was actually longboarding to work after his car battery died, meaning the car is, in fact, a much-needed gift.

Showing off his newfound freedom (get it?), Apodaca shared a video of himself driving the car while swigging from Ocean Spray – the clip currently has 9.4 million views.


Thanks for the new wheels ocean spray! 🙏. @tomhayes603 ##oceanspray

♬ original sound - doggface208

He also posted a video of himself turning up on his skateboard to throw a friend out of the car and drive off in it. Apodaca hasn’t given up his board though, and later shared a video of himself skateboarding to Justin Bieber’s “Holy”. Do I smell another celeb friendship?

Last week, Fleetwood Mac’s 1997 chart-topper “Dreams” tripled in sales and doubled its streams after Apodaca’s video went viral. Before Mick Fleetwood recreated the video, the band reacted to it on Twitter, writing: “We love this!”

Speaking to the Los Angeles Times, Apodaca – who works at a potato warehouse in Idaho and enjoys doing embroidery on the side – revealed that the new video isn’t his first brush with viral fame. The 37-year-old used to post dance videos on his daughter’s account, before going viral on his own TikTok account last year with a video of himself dancing to Blanco Brown’s “The Git Up”.

It also turns out Apodaca drinks one jug of Ocean Spray a day, so it’s a good thing the brand gifted him what looks like a lifetime supply of the stuff.