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Watch Jeremy Corbyn read mean tweets about himself
Via YouTube

Watch Jeremy Corbyn read mean tweets about himself

The Labour leader has shared a Jimmy Kimmel-style video ahead of tomorrow’s general election

As the Tories prove how out of touch they are with a cringe Love Actually parody, Labour have shared a very sweet, very funny video of Jeremy Corbyn reading mean tweets about himself – a la Jimmy Kimmel.

Sitting by a fire, the Labour leader recites tweets off an iPad before responding to their authors. “I’ll bet Jeremy Corbyn will be glad when this election is over,” he reads, “so he can go back to wearing his commie hat.”

Corbyn looks to camera and replies: “What is a commie hat? I wear a cap! It’s a bit like when I was told I was riding a Maoist bicycle. It’s a bicycle!” 

Our future leader goes on to read another tweet from someone complaining about free broadband (are the Tories OK?) before the picture cuts off and begins to ‘buffer’. The screen reads: “*no more buffering with Labour’s free fast broadband!” Clever!

Corbyn then recites tweets about him being sexy (true), criticisms of free university education, and accusations that he is, in fact, not a magic grandpa (lie). Absolutely destroying Twitter and the Tories with the final tweet, which asks, “can someone tell me who Jeremy Corbyn is?”, the Labour leader says, “the next prime minister”, before high fiving someone out of shot.

Watch the video below, and read why Dazed are voting for Labour at this general election.

The UK’s general election is happening tomorrow – it’s imperative that you use your voice. Polling stations are open between 7am and 10pm. Find out where to vote here, or look at the address on your polling card.