Watch highlights from the Fck Boris protest in Uxbridge

On November 16, activists marched through Boris Johnson’s constituency, urging people to unseat him in the upcoming general election

On November 16, crowds gathered in Boris Johnson’s Uxbridge constituency with one clear message: the prime minister is not welcome here. Organised by activist group Fck Boris – who recently projected ‘Boris is a wasteman’ onto Eton College – residents and Johnson’s opponents joined the protest, expressing their determination to unseat the prime minister on December 12.

Johnson is facing fierce competition from Labour’s Uxbridge and South Ruislip candidate, 25-year-old Ali Milani, who is leveraging the student vote of the nearby Brunel University. 

In 2017, Johnson won his seat with a 5,034 majority, a number that has decreased from 11,000 in just two years. Since then, around 3,000 people have turned 18 and gained the right to vote, and with young voters traditionally skewing towards Labour, it’s likely this number will drop even further.

Largely made up of young people, those joining the Fck Boris protest did so in order to show their support for the initiative, hoping that disdain for the prime minister in his own constituency will send a messge across the country. “I think we can kick him out,” one protesters asserted, while another added: “It’s only when we all stand together to reject the kind of politics that Boris, and the Tories more generally stand for, that we can see real change in this country.”

With glitter on their faces and loud tunes booming from the top of Fck Boris’ trademark bus, the crowd danced their way through Uxbridge, supported by artists including Karim Tha Peasant, who performed during the event.

Dazed was there to capture all the action – watch our film above, and register to vote before midnight tonight (November 26).