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‘Boris is a wasteman’ projected onto Eton College
Courtesy Fck Boris

‘Boris is a wasteman’ projected onto Eton College

The action was organised by activist group Fck Boris

In protest against Boris Johnson, activist group Fck Boris have projected the words, ‘Boris is a wasteman’ onto the prime minister’s college building at Eton.

“In three weeks the future of the UK will be decided by those who go to vote,” Rosa, a Fck Boris spokesperson, said in a press release. “So let’s just take a second to remember who Boris Johnson really is.”

Johnson attended the prestigious boys school – which costs £42,000 a year – between 1977 and 1982 before going to Oxford University to study Classics in 1983, where he was part of the infamous Bullingdon Club. He’s the 20th prime minister to have attended Eton College, and the fifth since 1945.

Rosa continued: “This projection is a reminder that Johnson is not the ‘man of the people’ he performs, but is just another Eton boy who believes he was born to rule. He will trash the NHS, fumble through government, and treat ordinary people as fodder for propping up his rich mates. It is up to us to remind Johnson of who we are – people who know we all deserve better.”

Projections have been used as a form of protest in recent months, with activists highlighting the country’s fire safety crisis in June, following the tragic 2017 Grenfell Tower fire. In July 2018, Dazed projected statements about the state of the UK onto buildings across London, including the Houses of Parliament, and The Royal Courts of Justice, spotlighting trans rights, protesting Trump, and declaring Brexit a crime.

There’s just four days left to register to vote ahead of the general election on December 12. Make sure your voice is heard by registering here.